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Episode 31: Ayahuasca: from self hate to self love conversation with Ayahuasca Kau

September 15, 2021

In this episode I talk to Ayahuasca Kaur, spiritual mentor and Ayahuasca integration coach about remembering who we really are, taking responsibility for our life, facing our shadow, finding our purpose and living from the Heart.




Trauma induced self hatred and self destruction

Healing complex PTSD

Building our toolbox: EMDR, hypnotherapy, shamanic arts, breathwork etc.

Benefits of 1 on 1 ayahuasca journeys

Dealing with the root of our issues

Healing and awakening as a never ending journey

How to find truth?

Ayahuasca as our master teacher to overcome obstacles

Remembering our true nature


Mantra for this week:

"All that is broken can be repaired"


Remember, you are the healer and love is the medicine.


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Short Bio:


I hold a Masters in Social Work and utilize a blend of east-west psychology and mind-body approaches with individuals , couples, and groups depending on their personal needs and goals for their therapeutic experience and coaching sessions. I specialize in childhood trauma, interpersonal relationship dynamics, emotional and central nervous system regulation, supporting spiritual awakening/emergence, spiritual coaching and mentoring, and psychedelic & plant medicine preparation & integration.


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