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Healing the Mother Wound – regular online workshop

July 26, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers!

Please join us for this passion project to heal our relationship with the divine feminine and bring balance to our masculine and feminine aspects❤️ this practical workshop we will work together to bring healing into our life, our families and to all of our relations! When we come together, this healing is exponentially accelerated, that’s why we are creating this space.

To live a full life, it's so important we all take some time to explore this and address the wounds of the feminine aspect of our Being. The experience we have in the womb and at birth creates patterns and programming that stay with us for the rest of our life. Many of us experiences birth trauma while coming into this world.
We experience these traumas at a soul level. These traumas cause a part of our soul to fragment off and this can manifest in a multitude of ways, such as:

Fear of rejection and abandonment
Inability to start or finish projects
Trust and anxiety issues
Relationship issues
Financial difficulties
Low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness
Self-sabotage, self punishment
Inability to open and receive abundance
Inability to fully feel, sense, and enjoy life

The good news is that we can heal these wounds by addressing these traumas. We can recall these fragments of our soul. We can return to Wholeness.

In our workshop we learn about our connection to the divine feminine aspect. We explore some powerful tools such as shamanic journeying, guided meditation, prayer, breathwork and the power of community to heal together and to rewire old programs to create more wealth, health, and happiness in our lives.

This workshop will be live on zoom but also recorded and sent to all participants after ❤️

Registration is open, click the link below:

Learn more about the Facilitators

Nina Izel avatarhealingarts.com
Bonnie Divina Maa awakenascend.com

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